A Peak Inside 59 Mt. Vernon St., Beacon Hill

Last week my friend Josh and I toured a beautiful single family home on Mt. Vernon in Beacon Hill.  It’s one of the most picturesque streets, right off Louisberg square.  The nice thing about Mt. Vernon, is that the buildings are set back from the street and many actually have a yard, and some even driveways.  This particular house was at 59 Mt. Vernon.  It’s got to be one of the highest points in Beacon Hill.

There are 6 bedrooms and 4 and a half bathrooms.  The home was built in 1837, and I get the impression it was designed with a live-in staff in mind.  The top floor has lower ceilings, is less detailed and includes a second kitchen.  There’s also a cupola with 360degree views.

The house itself is fantastic, but what really brings it together is the furnishing.  It’s almost entirely filled with antiques.  The home is listed with Nancy Tye (nancy.tye@nemoves.com), an agent from my office.  Here are some photos from the open house.  If you have ay questions about this property or anything else related to real estate, I’d love to hear from you!  My cellphone is 617 528 8461 and my email address is willy.charleton@nemoves.com.


Willy's Top Tips for Renting in Boston

Boston is an expensive city.  But it’s worth it!  There’s no city quite like it.  It’s got an extensive history, is on the water with a great climate and has a strong community.  It’s a hub for education and medical advancements.  Couple that with high turnover due to the 152,000 college students and many visiting medical professionals and you’ve got a recipe for a hot rental market.

View from one of the decks at Troy Boston.

View from one of the decks at Troy Boston.

Here are my top five tips for renting in Boston:


  1. Be flexible with your move-in/out date.

The large student population results in a desired move-in date of September 1st.  It’s both a blessing and a curse.  A September 1st move-in date offers you a lot of properties on the market, but you’ll also have to compete with everyone else wanting to move in that day.  And you will probably be paying a premium because it’s such a high-demand date.  

After the September 1st rush, the second busiest move-in dates are in June and July.

Having a flexible move-in date will open up more properties for you, and will probably make your move a bit easier.  Chances are, you’ll also pay less for the same apartment with an off-cycle move-in.

People change jobs suddenly, renovations happen.  Tenants get evicted or break their leases.  Most landlords aren’t going let their units sit empty from January through August.  The best case scenario is that you get a deal and you’re not competing with 50 other no- parking permits and moving trucks.  

At Piano Craft Guild, you can paint your own door!

At Piano Craft Guild, you can paint your own door!

2. Use a Realtor®.

Specifically, me!

  There are plenty of people who search for apartments online and find a good one on Craigslist or Zillow.  However, you’ll have many more options when using a real human with personal connections.  Not every apartment is advertised online!  A Realtor® can give you advice or viewpoints you hadn’t even considered.   It’s also a lot easier to deal with one person than to schedule five showings with five different agents.  Using a Realtor® can also give you inside knowledge of the neighborhood.  It’s also to your advantage as the tenant, to have someone with experience negotiating your lease on your behalf.  

Ava Theatre District

Ava Theatre District

3. Understand the math

Essentially, this is how to factor discounts and promotions into your rent.  In Boston, the standard rental fee is one month’s rent.  Sometimes the landlord pays the fee, and sometimes the client does.  Some larger buildings at times also offer months of free rent.    If the client is paying the fee, you can look at it like they’re paying 13 months rent for a 12 month lease.  Here are a few examples of how this can be done.


You find an apartment you like.  It’s $2,500/mo and you have to pay the fee.  

($2500 x 13) / 12 = $2708.33/mo


You find an apartment you like.  It’s $2500/mo and the landlord is paying the fee and offering first month’s rent free.

($2500 x 11) / 12 = $2291.67/mo


You find an apartment you like.  It’s $2500/mo and you have to pay the fee but your realtor negotiated your first month fee.  Well, that’s a wash.  $2500/mo.

Ink Block is an apartment building in the old Boston Herald HQ. The walls are covered in old newspapers!

Ink Block is an apartment building in the old Boston Herald HQ. The walls are covered in old newspapers!

4. Respect pet rules.

If the property/unit is not pet-friendly, please be respectful.  Don’t say you have a service animal if you don’t.  Please realize this is not the place for you.  It won’t work out well for you or your landlord.  

Micropolis, Beacon Hill

Micropolis, Beacon Hill

5. Use local resources.

The community within Boston is what really makes it shine.  The best way to be involved in the community is to know what’s going on.  Check out resources and websites like @Boston311 or www.eventbrite.com to see what goes in the neighborhood.


If you’re planning a move to Boston, congratulations!  It’s a great city!

And if you have any questions about Back Bay or Boston rentals or sales, or about the market in general, please ask me!  My cellphone number is 617 528 8461 and my email address is willy.charleton@nemoves.com.  I’d love to hear from you.

175 Marlborough St #2

Like many other Sundays, I spent the afternoon touring open houses. There were a total of 17 today. I made it to five of them. There’s a really good selection out there right now, but one really stood out. 175 Marlborough Unit 2. The listing agent is Ryan Clunan (617 686 4966 rclunan@campionre.com) from Campion and Co. It’s a five bedroom, three full and two half bathroom triplex with a roofdeck, outdoor space and a tandem parking spot. The building itself has only three units. The asking price is $4,999,000 for 4,171sq ft of space. Taxes are $55,472 and the condo fee is $1,830/mo and includes heat and water.

Now that that’s out of the way, here are the photos. The layout was really interesting with interiors windows and balconies, along with several staircases. At the end of the day, it’s a large condo with a single family feel.


I love this atrium. South facing. The brass looks well maintained.


I’m a big fan of the kitchen. No marble countertops. Full size sub, plus I noticed some drawer refrigerators.


There’s a pretty good sized patio off the kitchen.

This condo had a really interesting feel to it. The rooms were compartmentalized but everything was open. You’ll see when you scroll down, the center of the unit is pretty much hollow.


When I was in the unit, I counted four bedrooms. I think this was the fifth. High ceilings, big windows and built ins. My only complaint is the lack of working fireplace.

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

This walkway/balcony connects the master bedroom with the study.


Again, that great southern exposure.


I’m not really a bath guy, but I could definitely see myself having a soak to that view, if I lived there.


The top floor has a cozy family room, with even more built ins-not pictured.

IMG_9611 2.JPG

And to top it off, there’s a private roof deck. So that makes 2 outdoor spaces. Oh, and did I mention it includes parking too? I think I did.

The listing agent for this property is:

Ryan Clunan 617 686 4966 rclunan@campionre.com

MLS# 72463240