A note on Hats and the Kundalini

I can wear a hat or take it off, but either way it’s a conversation piece.
— Hedda Hopper

    Hats are coming back.  For some, hats never left.  A hat is one of my favorite accessories.  Aside from keeping the Kundalini in, they can also look great!  Look at the vatican, they’re all about the stylin’ hats, that probably serve a purpose.  I never left the house without a hat until I hit high school, when I couldn’t wear a hat between the hours of 8:30 and 3:30.  People used to tell me that if I continued to wear a hat as often, my hair was going to fall out.  When I was younger, my plan was to become a cowboy.  Naturally, I wore a cowboy hat,  When I let that go, I switched exclusively to baseball hats. Now I’m at the beginning of the cycle.  Although I kind of want a Panama hat too.  It’s on my vision board.  

    I make ice cream at Kippy’s.  It’s right next to RA MA Institute for Applied Yogic Science and Technology, AKA RAMA.  The short of it is, they practice Kundalini yoga.  As a result, many customers come in wearing the head wrap.  I knew it was to keep the Kundalini energy contained, but that’s it.  So I googled.  I found several sources that pretty much agreed with each other.  In addition to holding the energy in, the head wrap focuses that energy on the third eye.  What was interesting to me was they they all mentioned hair!  Hair has come up for me recently, and not just because I need a haircut.  Most people have probably seen the article that goes around about hair being an antenna or a currently unconscious sense.  According to what I read, hair is the channel for solar energy into the body.  Apparently, it’s best to let the hair grow to its natural length to optimize the quantity and quality of energy received.  From what I gather, it’s more difficult to move the Kundalini up when the hair is down.  So part of the head covering is to hold the hair up.  I’m guessing that having the hair at the highest point lets the energy flow down into the body. 

    Obviously you can make theories about a persons health based on the quality of their hair, whether it’s excessively oily, or thinning.  But I recently came across the idea of making assumptions of a persons emotional state based on the condition of their hair on a more immediate basis.  I mean whether that persons hair is having a “bad hair day” or not.  I say it’s “making assumptions” because that’s exactly what it is.  I am sort of making fun of the idea, because I don’t think it’s beneficial, or necessary to make assumptions about other people.  But at the same time, the premise is true.  All truths are half truths.

    So as you can now see, hats are more than for style or expression, which would be enough in my book.  They can also be used as an energy regulation tool.  Pretty neat if you ask me.  While not all religions wear hats as we know them today, many religions across the globe cover their heads.  That makes me think that they’re all pointing to or alluding to the same idea.  

    I also think it’s better to wear a hat than sunglasses in the sun.  A hat provides shade, while sunglasses filter the full spectrum.  With a hat, you’re eyes are getting all the different colors, just with less intensity, whereas with sunglasses provide you with less intense, incomplete light.