Boston's Hidden Gem: Eastie

Jesse Greenstein

If East Boston was good enough for the Kennedy’s back in the 1900s, then it is definitely good enough for you and me! 

I live in a neighborhood that does not get a lot of attention from the average Bostonian, and for that I am grateful. Traffic is minimal, real estate is affordable, goods and services are less expensive, and the people are hardworking and humble.  If you’re from Boston and have only been to East Boston to utilize the airport, then come back and let me be your guide, and let me show you around. To most people who live in the greater Boston area, East Boston is just where the airport is, or where Santarpio’s is…. If you feel that way, then you are in for a pleasant surprise! 

 There is a hell of a lot more than just an airport out here…

 We have libraries, schools, marinas, breweries, post offices, police and fire departments, parks, banks, smoke shops, bars, gyms, pool halls, bowling alleys, playgrounds, soccer fields, basketball courts, and greenways. We have some of the best authentic and interesting restaurants in town. We have mom and pop shops, yacht clubs, waterfront views, medical and legal offices, small businesses, big businesses, and families. The Eastie community is very strong – whether you come from Back Bay or El Salvador, you can make this quaint part of Boston your new home with ease.  There are busses, trains, and boats to take you all around town, and beyond, if you don’t want to walk or drive to other parts of the city.

 I love it here -- we love it here -- and as soon as I have enough money saved up, I am going to invest it in this neighborhood’s real estate market. Currently I am renting in Maverick Square/ Jeffries Point – a 4 minute walk to the Maverick Blue Line T Station.  However, I am a value investor – I always have been – and I am a real estate agent and entrepreneur. Every day I think to myself how important it is to invest early before it is too late. This time next year, or even by the time the summer rolls around, it might be too late to invest in East Boston – at least in the Jeffries Point and Maverick Square regions. The fact that people are already talking about Eastie makes me think the rush has already begun, but Rome was not built in a day, and neither was East Boston.  Get in early and get in often! 

The two attributes that shine through every time I am in East Boston are LOCATION and VALUE. Other neighborhoods are contenders regarding value, like Allston, Brighton and JP, but those neighborhoods certainly do not share the LOCATION factor that East Boston has, and that is evident when you go make the trip from Eastie to Downtown in less than 10 minutes. 

In the residential real estate market we talk a lot about Back Bay, Downtown/Midtown, The North and South Ends, Seaport, Waterfront, and occasionally the Fenway. We do not discuss East Boston, and I plan on being the man to change that – even though I like my quiet, pleasant, fulfilling neighborhood the way it is, I know that this is the new land of opportunity – the new frontier – and I want to share that with you, your friends, and your family. 

The average price of Single Family, Condo, and Multi-Family in East Boston (11/28/2016):

  • Single Family Home: $459,267.00  3 on the market ranging from $338,000 - $649,900
    • Avg Price/Square Foot: $309
  • Condominium: $463,934.00  32 on the market ranging from $299,900 - $850,000
    • Avg Price/Square Foot: $475
  • Multi-Family Home: $1,172,213.00  8 on the market ranging from $549,900 - $3,300,000
    • Avg Price/Square Foot: $310

The Average price of a 1, 2, and 3 Bedroom Rental in East Boston (11/28/2016):

1 Bedroom: $1,839  10 active listings, ranging from $1,500 - $2,300

2 Bedroom: $2,281  16 active listings, ranging from $1,500 - $3,800

3 Bedroom: $2,325  7 active listings, ranging from $1,950 - $3,025

BELOW you will find a list of great things to do in EAST BOSTON


  • Top 5
  1. Rino’s Place
  2. Mehak Halal
  3. Italian Express
  4. Cactus Mexican Grill
  5. Saigon Hut
  • Italian
    • Rino’s Place
    • Meridian Food Market
    • Italian Express
    • Santarpio’s
    • D’Parma
  • Middle Eastern
    • Mehak Halal
  • American
    • Roy’s Cold Cuts
    • Kelley Square Pub
    • Maverick Marketplace 
  • Latin
    • Cactus Mexican Grill
    • Angela’s Café
    • La Hacienda
    • Rincon Limeno
  • Asian
    • Saigon Hut
    • Little Asia
    • Hong Kong Harbor
  • Other
    • KO Pies (Australian – like chicken pot pies, but more exciting etc.)
    • Donna’s Restaurant (Breakfast + Lunch, Orient Heights)


  • Eddie C’s
  • Kelley Square Pub
  • Maverick Marketplace
  • Ecco Lounge Boston
  • Jeveli’s
  • Central Park Lanes BOWLING CENTER
  • El Diamante – billiards/pool hall
  • Trivia, Karaoke, Sports – Maverick Marketplace
  • Tufts Tobacco Smoke Shop and Lounge (very rare these days, Orient Heights)
  • Parks, Soccer Fields, Walks, Boats
  • Brewery Tour at Downeast Cider 
  • Pockets Billiard Club (Orient Heights)
  • East Boston Yacht Club + Jeffries Point Yacht Club 
  • Food, Food, Food
  • Beaches


Water Taxis

The T

  • Maverick Station
  • Airport Station
  • Wood Island Station
  • Orient Heights Station
  • Suffolk Downs Station

The Bus

  • 110, 111, 112, 114, 116, 117, 120, 712, 713


Jesse Greenstein