Minnie's Christmas Wishlist

Here are all the things Minnie is hoping to find under the tree or in her stocking this Christmas.  She has good taste, so I thought I’d share it.  You can click through any of the links or photos to the product's page.

  1. Feed Bin

    It’s a little over the top, but it'll keep her food fresh and looks good.  I like to buy in bulk because it’s cheaper, and Minnie’s preferred kibble does not come in a resealable bag!  I first saw this when someone was giving me a tour of their apartment.  He had bought it to use as a hamper for dirty clothes!


2. Ombré Plaid Dog Bed

    While Minnie is a sophisticated bitch, she also has a wild western side too that she likes to live out in her dreams.  What better place than this bed!  Looks plush, and the colors go well with her fur-tone.

3.  Silver Dog Bowls

    I prefer eating off silver, so why would I expect Minnie to want anything less?  Even better for her, because I clean her stuff less frequently than mine!

4.  Blue Green Algae

    Minnie is faster to suck this stuff down than I am.  But I guess there’s a lot she’d eat that I won’t.  We won’t get into that.  Regardless, variety in the diet is important, and there’s not much healthier out there than algae.


5.  A Boar Bristle Brush

    The only thing that makes Minnie coat softer than a couple doses of E3 Live, is regular brushing.  Right now she has 2 brushes, a metal wiry one that I think scratches her too much, and a comb-like brush known as the “defurminator.”


6.  Acai and Amla Oil Serum

    Minnie loves getting a good rub down with this every night.  She’ll definitely be needing more shortly.


7.  Astragalus and Cordyceps

    Minnie’s a brachycephalic breed.  Her face is too short for her skull.  She can get frustrated breathing after extreme activity or in severe humidity.  So without going into detail, I think she’d do well on astragalus and cordyceps regularly.  The astragalus linked is actually a blend.  

There's only one photo of this product, and this is it.

There's only one photo of this product, and this is it.