Heritage on the Garden

One of my favorite buildings in the neighborhood is Heritage on the Garden.  It’s so prominent, and classic looking.  I’m always changing my mind about what I want in my next home.  Should I scoop something bigger up in the Back Bay?  Buy a house in Cambridge?  Keep my apartment (it’s actually a condo but I hate the word condo) and buy a house in New Hampshire?  All of the above?  Although, I know I wouldn't mind moving into this place at all.  It’s off the market.  I don’t even think it was on the market for a week!  It was listed for $1,250,000 by Tracy Campion.  It’s a two-story one bed, one and a half bath with outdoor space on both levels.  Enough of my words, here it is!

You walk into a little hallway with the staircase and a hidden half bath that leads to the living room.  See outdoor space?  Kitchen to the right.

It's not great, but it's nice enough.  Dishwasher is a huge plus.

I'd ditch the mural.

Nice big staircase for a Back Bay 1 bed.

In-unit laundry.

Did someone say built-ins?

More storage AND outdoor space off the bedroom.

Master bathroom isn't bad. 

So you see why I like this place so much?