My hopes for S/S 17

I wouldn’t say that I’m predicting trends, or even trying to.  But I’ve started thinking about what my summer wardrobe could look like.  I find the older I get, the more I dress like a child.  I replaced the velvet sneakers I had when I was 6.  I wear hats all the time, as far out at my big hat.  I don’t know what the style is.  This year I caught myself looking at Tevas and Hawaiian shirts.  I think this summer is going to be retro-nostalgic.

I've never really worn animal prints, but this shirt looks comfortable, and makes me think of Mic Jagger.

These shirts are made in New England!  I never wear a tie, so this striped placket is a nice touch.

I saw this in person at the Elderstatesman store, but they failed to tell me it glowed in the dark!

Nothing is as comfortable as a cashmere silk blend t-shirt.  I used to wear mine all the time, until it made it through the wash.

I've always liked gladiator sandals.  Even as a kid.  There was a pair of Birkenstocks with straps that went up your ankle, but they were skinny.  I wanted something more like this.  And finally, Givenchy has brought it to us!

These aren't actually Teva, but Prada.  I probably wouldn't buy these, but I think they're very cool.

Topo Designs makes all kinds of cool stuff, in America.  I had a pair of Chubbie's that were similar in color, but fell apart after 1 season.  These I'm assuming are more durable, and aren't outrageously expensive at $85!

I think I'm ready to pull off white jeans.  Or pull on, should I say.  I think they'd look good with that leopard print shirt and those Givenchy sandals.