Mike and Patty's: A Review

Mike and Patty’s is a little hidden gem in Bay Village.  You really have to know about it to find it.  It’s not really the kind of place you’d just walk by.  But thanks to me, you have no excuse not to try it now.  Mike and Patty’s can be found at 12 Church St in Bay Village.

The place is small, the menu is slightly bigger.  What I like, is there use of good ingredients.  Now I’m not saying you should make it a daily habit, but it could be worse.  They use local ingredients for the most part.  Iggy’s bread for all their sandwiches, which is all they serve.  Pictured below is The Fancy, without bacon.  Very good.  Two fried eggs, cheddar, avocado, onions and mayo on toasted Iggy’s.  

I’ve also had the classic, which is not as filling but also good.  The Breakfast Torta is the only other sandwich I’ve ordered.  It was also great.  But I’ve been eating a lot of potatoes recently, and we all know what Rudolf Steiner says about white potatoes.  They contribute to materialism!  So The Fancy, it was.

Now this place is small, there are only 4-5 seats at the window-counter.  You can take a chance for a seat there, I’ve never had to wait too long.  Or you can order ahead online or by phone and take your sandwich to go!

Long story short, place is dope.  Try it!