A Guide to the Most Dog Friendly Buildings in Boston

On the whole, Boston is a pretty dog friendly city. In the United States, almost 37% of households have a dog. I’d say that’s probably close to true for Boston as well. It’s easy having a dog here because there’s so much green space. The hardest part about having a dog is finding a pet friendly building, but even that isn’t too difficult.


Most apartment buildings around the city welcome animals. However, many new buildings are really accommodating pet ownership. Almost every building that went up in the last 3 or 4 years has its own dog washing station and outdoor space. Below I’m going to highlight the buildings that I think are the best for dog owners.

  1. The Towers at Longfellow

This is an older building, which has its pros and its cons. Generally, older buildings have larger units. They were built before space was such a commodity. Another pro of the Towers at Longfellow is that every unit has a balcony. These towers also have great views of the city.

Not only is this building dog friendly, it has its own dog park. Having an onsite dog park is really convenient for those early morning or late night walks. It’s also a great place to socialize with other dog-owning neighbors. Who knows, you could meet your next dog sitter! The last doggy highlight of this building is its close proximity to the Liberty Hotel. On Mondays and Wednesday between May and October, the Liberty hosts an event called Yappier Hour. It’s a great place for human and canine socialization. It starts at 5:30.

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2. Troy Boston

This building was built within the last few years, and was designed with dogs in mind. The entire building is pet friendly. There’s even a dog walking area with city views and a dog washing station. It doesn’t really get more convenient than that. Except that Troy is in the South End, which is a particularly dog friendly area. A short walk from Troy is Polk a Dog bakery. And just behind that is Peter’s park. Peter’s park is a somewhat large fenced in dog park. It’s a nice size with benches and shade. However, there’s only gravel and no grass, which isn’t the most comfortable for Minnie.


3. 345 Harrison

This building is brand new. The first tenants moved in a few months ago. As you might be able to guess from the name, this building is in the South End. It’s very similar to Troy, in that it has a private dog park. It’s not huge, but it’s more than just a walk and offers some obstacles for the pups to play on. There’s also a dog washing station. Another nice feature, is that some of the apartments abut the dog park. I showed a unit there with a patio that led out to the dog park. Very convenient. This building is essentially across the street from Troy, so is in the same proximity to many doggy stores and other parks.

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4. Avalon Prudential Center

This is another slightly older building in Boston. Chances are, you’ve seen it. The building was built in the late sixties, and similar to the Towers at Longfellow, the units are larger than most newer apartments. Many also have balconies. There isn’t a designated dog walking area or washing station, but there is a grassy area where you can run your dog. Its an elevated walled in patio. Another nice feature is that it’s connected to the Prudential Center and Copley. If your dog is like Minnie, she hates getting wet. In the event of a rain storm, you can walk quite some distance without going outside. That’s also a nice option in the winter.

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