Move On Up - Curtis Mayfield

Our purpose is to educate as well as to entertain. Painless preaching is as good a term as any for what we do. If you’re going to come away from a party singing the lyrics of a song, it is better that you sing of self-pride like ‘We’re a Winner’ instead of ‘Do the Boo-ga-loo!’
— Curtis Mayfield

    This is one of my most favorite songs of all time.  Not only are the instrumentals genius, but the lyrics are so motivational, as were many of his songs released before Move On Up, at the height of the Civil Rights Movement.  Curtis Mayfield is an icon.  Growing up in the projects of Chicago with only his mother, he managed to become one of the greatest musicians of all time.  He influenced artists across the board, from Bob Marley, to Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and Bill Withers.  I think Mayfield had a really good grasp of magic.  He knew the power of language and of intent, and put that knowledge to use.  He wanted to uplift anyone that heard his music.

Maybe the words I say is just another way to pray.
— Curtis Mayfield


Hush now child, and don’t you cry
Your folks might understand you, by and by
Move on up, toward your destination
You may find from time to time

Bight your lip, and take a trip
Though there may be wet road ahead
And you cannot slip
So move on up for peace will find
Into the steeple of beautiful people
Where there’s only one kind

So hush now child, and don’t you cry
Your folks might understand you, by and by
Move on up, and keep on wishing
Remember your dream is your only scheme
So keep on pushing

Take nothing less, than the second best
Do not obey, you must keep your say
You can past the test
Just move on up, to a greater day
With just a little faith
If you put your mind to it you can surely do it

Just move on up
Move on up
But move on up
Oh child, but just move on up
But move on up
Move on up
— Curtis Mayfield