Sweet Potato Hash Browns

I love browned vegetables.  A few weeks ago, I did a spaghetti squash hash.  I had the same problem this time.  It didn't brown that much!  But I am getting better.  And I learned a few things in doing this recipe.

As I've said before, I love the shredded hash browns like Waffle House or ihop.  I was all gung-ho to do this, and then thought that shredding the sweet potato is going to be a bitch.  I quickly googled and found 2 good options, so I tried them both.  Two potatoes, two ways.  The first way, was using a Microplane.  Microplane is a branded grater.  It worked so well, that I used it for "mincing" and "dicing" the garlic and onions.  

The second way was to chop the sweet potato into smaller pieces, and then pulse it in the Cuisinart.  It worked, but was more riced than shredded.


2 shredded sweet potatoes

1/4 cup sprouted spelt flour

1 egg

1 diced onion

4 cloves minced garlic

4 tbsp ghee

big pinch of sea salt

black pepper

Shred the potatoes however you want.  Rinse them until the water is clear, and then squeeze out all the water. 

Combine all the vegetables, spices, half the ghee and flour.

Beat and mix in the egg.

Fry in the rest of the ghee on high medium high heat.  I didn't do so well at this part. I wanted it browner and crispier.  But it was still very good.  I also tried to make 1/4 cup serving cakes.  They didn't stay together, if you hadn't noticed.