The Optimus of Desk Sets

I don’t know about you, but I like working from home.  I can totally do my own thing.  Lounge, play music, not waste time traveling.  Some of my friends enjoy going out to different cafes or libraries to get work done.  That’s cool too, and can be fun.  But on the whole, there’s nothing like a home office.

In doing my regular browser-window shopping, I came across this cool desk set.  They call it Equilibre and it's by Hermes.  You'll see the theme in the magnifying glass.  That's what really caught my eye initially.  But if I had to settle for just one piece, I'd go for the desk pad.  It’s a little bit pricey, but I think it looks great and could definitely be a generational piece, as could be the whole set.  Ok, it’s extremely expensive.  But it’s stylish.  Very nice looking and not over the top.  It's definitely timeless.

I like that you can sort of close it.  It's a nice way to hide a mess quickly or create some privacy.

If they're going to offer a matching vase, why not?  Another excuse to keep flowers around.  I love that magazine rack.  I have the perfect place for it.  I think it would really clean up the papers on my desk.  The trash can looks a little retro to me.  I think that design would also make a nice lamp.  

Boxes are interesting.  They're another way to keep the desk clean.  I also threw in the paperweight because in the spring/summer/fall I use my fan a lot.  I prefer it to air conditioning.

So you can see how cool this would be on my desk.  But brace yourself.  I'm going to break it down for you.  While I do admire this very much, I cannot understand why it's so expensive.  

Magnifying Glass $1975

Desk Pad $6900

Magazine Rack $23400

Vase $3825

Waste Basket $8200

Box $2350

Paperweight $5850

Total: $52,500.00

Why?  Is someone trying to launder money or something?